Make Warnings for jg.

Im So tired of idiots jg who entire game afk farm until we lose game. last game zac jg entire game does nothing than clearing camps. Literally zac entire game afk farmed. 20min. WHy you not warn him for being afk or give leave buster. RIot excuse to protect trolls is that being bad at the game. My problem is That riot gives free pass to idiots who ruin ranked game because they are bad. SO by this logic. I Cant troll. I cant flame but i cant play bad and lose entire ranked game for 4 people in my team? Cause Riot never punish for playing poorly. So tell me riot answer this Atleast once to proof you that you care. im allowed play poorly in ranked games ruin 4 people games and get away with excuse im bad at the game and all have bad days and following those condition? 1. No inting 2. No flaming I did tried in ranked games and it worked. So people who read boards. if you want troll and get no punishment Follow this 1. No inting(running down mid) 2. no flaming. 3.pick your worst champ and worst lane possible and you instantly play poorly do not try your hardest you play for fun. And you will end up feeding and ruining 4 people games and you wont get punished cause of bad game :) The most saddest thing riot Will delete this post cause they cant let truth pass in public. And people who tries proof im wrong i will ask question to you guys Why im not punished if i intentionally trying lose game by playing intentionally poorly?

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