25 games chat restriction for trying to remain positive in a game with 2 inters

I really do not understand how punishments work in league of legends. A couple of games ago i had 2 people that were straight inting , running towards enemies and feeding on purpose, eventho that was unpleasant i was trying to cheer our team up cuz we could still win the game but instead i got a penalized. Here is the chat log of that game: SteamOfBlood: its not SteamOfBlood: its not play SteamOfBlood: dont give up SteamOfBlood: we got this SteamOfBlood: i just need late game SteamOfBlood: wow ppl SteamOfBlood: its just 2/7 SteamOfBlood: in low plat SteamOfBlood: and u give up :D SteamOfBlood: lel SteamOfBlood: this game is easily ours SteamOfBlood: stop whining SteamOfBlood: and play SteamOfBlood: amumu SteamOfBlood: just afk - said it to him because he was just running it down mid not as offense or anything. SteamOfBlood: its better SteamOfBlood: we can still win SteamOfBlood: im not ffing SteamOfBlood: because SteamOfBlood: you're lagging SteamOfBlood: rish SteamOfBlood: rush SteamOfBlood: ardent SteamOfBlood: please SteamOfBlood: sighstone is usless SteamOfBlood: stoip whining SteamOfBlood: and play SteamOfBlood: for godsake SteamOfBlood: if i get late SteamOfBlood: we win this easily SteamOfBlood: lee sin falls off SteamOfBlood: vayne has shitty build SteamOfBlood: doesnt matter SteamOfBlood: swain is strong late SteamOfBlood: why SteamOfBlood: are u inting SteamOfBlood: inting SteamOfBlood: all game long SteamOfBlood: i dont know SteamOfBlood: ask him SteamOfBlood: mental issues SteamOfBlood: i need 1 more item SteamOfBlood: and we win this SteamOfBlood: i just dont have dmg yet SteamOfBlood: doesnt matter SteamOfBlood: its plat 5 SteamOfBlood: elo SteamOfBlood: for godsake SteamOfBlood: its not d1 SteamOfBlood: or master SteamOfBlood: he doesnt give gold SteamOfBlood: anyway SteamOfBlood: told u SteamOfBlood: easy game SteamOfBlood: stop tilting SteamOfBlood: i jsut need items SteamOfBlood: they will get baron SteamOfBlood: we will defend SteamOfBlood: make sure to rreprot him btw SteamOfBlood: thats straight inting SteamOfBlood: def SteamOfBlood: group SteamOfBlood: and def SteamOfBlood: we can stall SteamOfBlood: report lux aswell SteamOfBlood: btw SteamOfBlood: flamer SteamOfBlood: ffing all the time SteamOfBlood: that why u will remain stuck SteamOfBlood: in low plat SteamOfBlood: u odntk now SteamOfBlood: when u can win SteamOfBlood: u care SteamOfBlood: yes u do It's sadly i cannot post what they wrote so you could see how toxic those people actually were and despite that i still remained calm and wanted to win as a result i got penalized- Bravo Riot!
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