How can this be allowed to continue?

I had a game where sadly the enemy team had a blatant intentional feeder / player with no interest in winning the by AFKing, deliberate reckless play etc. The strange part was the person never made any comment, there was no clear motive and never communicated any particular reason or justification to just die over and over by running into towers etc. I'm sure we've seen this all before perhaps once or twice, but what doesn't always happen is meeting the very same player, next game. once again on the enemy team but this is mere side note. Of course, much like the first game, predictably they intentionally fed again. Naturally I expect the summoner got at least 5-9 reports each game (some people just want out asap, but I'm being kind even with 5...) For some reason I got intrigued by all this and did a bit of searching into the player in question, where I see they were Diamond last season (I was gold 5 at time of the games) and they were Platinum in season 4. Hacked? Some kind of elo manipulation? I have no idea. But my main point of this thread, probably more than a month later than those games, this player is **STILL** playing and **STILL** intentionally feeding, with an average of 9-10 games PER DAY. With a potential of **81 reports over 9 games in one day alone plus this has been happening for weeks, even months?** - Why on earth is this being allowed to continue? It makes a mockery of the whole system. I genuinely feel for all the players promos ruined & players demoted as a result of this. Attached a screengrab of their recent stats, but avoided naming.
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