For how long this type of behaviour will be tollerated?

I am now happier on a succesful ff in a disgusting stomp, than winning games. Actually so sad that 2 indivituals can fk with the rest because they just like to do scummy things to others, instead of ffing at 15 i gotta wait till 25 - 30 w/o any way of combacking till the enemy team shows mercy and stops %%%%ing around by getting 11 towers 4 drakes and a baron before ending. For example enemy jg is 22/6 enemy supp brand is 15/5 full build at 33 min, same for the jg, my bot is 7/22, the game was over at 20 but i had to play till 33 before i can get out, no way of coming back. But go ahead, call me stupid, tell me that every game is winnable, but the next time u end in some situation like having 1/12 bot in 15 mins, remember about this post, and say again that it's always winnable & fun, and to jusy play it out. Whenever i try to post something like this, i get downvoted into oblivion telling me i'm the problem being negative among other things nasty things and even being a griefer that "spams ff". But in my case i'm the one positive and tryharding as much as possible and if it makes sense to continue, but those who choose to grief my team through refusing to ff hopeless games, after them being toxic all game long on top of going 0/10 in most cases. Those who refuse to ff in such situations are the ones being negative / toxic / griefing since the games' start.
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