Are you addicted to LoL?

How much time I wasted on League of Legends ?
Have you ever wondered how much time you spend on LoL ? An average player has spent 802 hours on League of Legends and 6.376.466 players took the test. And you ?
Hey guys, Im LapaKapciu, EUNE and I had been playing this game with breaks for almost three years. Solely on this account i spent 230 days of my life playing LOL ( check the stats here - ), including all my other accounts which I have both on NA and EUNE the number of days I spent on LOL exceeds 300, it's almost a year. In the last three years i spent a third of my time sitting on my ass and playing one game. LOL was my escape from reality, i had an abusive father, alcoholic sister, my parents were divorced, I had as serious case of depression. Honestly looking back now I can say i was addicted, though I tried to quit this game numerous times I never lasted more then a few days. But I quit, I finally uninstalled the game and told myself i'm done. I'm posting this to try to help others who are in a similar situation as I was. This game ruined my life more then all of my family problems together. I stopped doing any sports, had no social life, had trouble passing all my classes, kept failing my exams. I know what Im saying is cliche as fuck but now looking back it just hurts to see how much time i wasted on a bloody game. This is a shoutout to all the others people who are addicted to LOL, stop wasting your time and quit this game. It won't be easy, but when you look back you will know it was worth it. Playing LOL for a lot of us is a habit, especially sine some of us had been playing for so long. It will he hard to break it, especially once you uninstalled you will find yourself with a lot of free time with which you have nothing to do. This is the hardest time, the most tempting moment to go back, but YOU won't, you will find another hobby, it can be a sport, reading books, learning a new language, something to which you will dedicate enough time to stop thinking about LOL. What you have to do is exchange your old hobby for a new one, healthier one, once you do that just persist in it and i matter of weeks you will find yourself free. For me it was gym but everyone is different. You will find yourself much happier. I know it might be even hard to admit to a having a problem but that's the first and most important step. If you can't stop by yourself ask your parents, friend for help, got to a psychologist. Don't let a game dictate your life and change your dreams, your ideas. Type in you tube "motivational speeches" listen to them and actually think about yourself. Change your life for better. I know this was a bit of a ramble but I just wrote what came to my mind, on the other note english isn't my first langauge so don't crucify me for the mistakes i may have made. If you ever wanna talk to me about having trouble quitting LOL, or you just have no one to talk to about your problems, could be anything really I'm more then willing to talk to you and help you, just send me an invitation on skype - lapa.kapciu ( my spoken english is better then my written one :-)) and I will do my best to help you. Love you all, I hope this will help someone and that's why i wrote it.
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