Playing support in solo queue, ranked, has been an absolute nightmare so far

I have played 6 ranked games since i got to lvl 30, 6 loses and an absolute nightmare. First of all, feeding. there was always at least two players feeding, ending in 2/19/6 to take a real exemple then going afk as soon as someone KS by accident, (i was going top lane to help and killed the ennemy by autoattacking by mistake). Then there is the insults, absolutely all the time. If i do something wrong like miss two hooks in a row (i was really embarrassed missing so much with {{champion:555}} ) they start insulting me, all of them. One game i was playing with {{champion:497}} i was doing everything i could, used all of my skills in each fight (exept his E when my adc was just afk) then at one fight i saw my {{champion:145}} adc going in, i followed, the usual E, Z, Q combo i use, but the second i go in to help her, she flashes out then runs while being at 75% leaving be alone with no means to escape with two ennemies rooting me. Started to insult me for feeding, going in for no reason, "Playing like a girl", "being a %%%%%", i kept asking "why? you keep leaving me alone and flashing out the second i go in" and she just says "F it i'm going afk, rep supp for feeding" she spent the rest of the game insulting me without going out of spawn. Another game i was 1/7/15 with {{champion:497}}, kept insulting me for feeding and just watching the fight doing nothing, because "you have only 1 kill" I'm a supp, i'm not supposed to do kills (at least not with rakan) i'm focused on healing and cc with my z to help, (correct me if i'm wrong). And finally players disconnecting. I had 2 games with mid and junglers leaving the second they enter the game, so we can't remake because they connected the beggining. Leaving when they get killed more than 2 times without getting any kills. one time i went to help {{champion:157}} mid, helped to kill two ennemies, then "MY MINIONS YOU KILLED THEM", "what minions?" because in the leaderboard there was marked i had 0 minion kills. he insulted me, without explaining why, "gg ff 15 i'm out" then disconnecting. Is it even possible to rank up playing supp in solo queue? i need my allies to do the dps, am i supposed to take an adc while being supp? i like the role of support but it's just impossible to do anything in ranked. And also, do all of my allies have their periods or something, because they're all insufferable everytime. Edit: also, going against an ennemy adc and supp with 10 times my level is quite annoying
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