Are afk and trolls getting more common now ?

Im gonna rant about alot of stuff about league and current system that rewards afkers, trollers, underperforming players.. so frankly bear with me and if you dont like this kind of thread thats fine, its a rant. I used play alot of normals games, but as of recent the afk and trolling is really making it near impossible. so than i decided to go ranked to avoid afk and trolls. out of the 8 provisional games, i had a whopping 4 afk games and 1 Game that included a troll. thats a total of 5 games out of 8. i could just remember 1 game that didnt include a troll or afk on my team. Now i dont mind Ranks or promotion etc, i just do my best whatever division.. but the quality of games is something i do care about.., i mean a Midlaner that Locks in Ezrael after the enemy picks Zed and proceeds to go 0-7 and than farms entire game in the jungle and never joins teamfights and than goes afk. And at level 1 Ezrael tells /Allchat ''guys you better carry because i will feed'' Like really ?? than he really goes and feeds.. i mean who picks ezrael mid into zed anyway. In many of those afk or troll or underperforming player games.. my team literally makes it hard for them to get ''carried'' they just afk or Farm jungle refuse to take Inhibitors ''tower is already destroyed'' they just want to lose in some cases. you take like 5 towers on map and win for them 3 teamfights and take 1 inhibtor, while leaving another open and they refuse to do anything. i mean they dont even want to be carried even. ofcourse there will be teams that refuse to get carried.. only due to afk/trolls its getting a little nastier than usual. I have been playing for some time.. but it feels the quality of the game itself has gone downhill. like there are fewer decent games inbetween that you could say ''hey thats a good loss'' or ''thats a good win'' the games u win,, you have to literally hard carry a afk or troll that doesnt seem right and when you win your like did that team really deserve to win ? its usually 2 players that do 90% of the work and the rest get 20 LP for doing not even 1/3 of damage or even buying redemption or sightstone only for making things harder for those 2 carrying players doing all tanking and damage.. why are they rewarded for underperformance and get equal rewards for doing nothing at all.. its like LEGAL form of ELOboosting.. lets face it we are all eloboosting. thats not quality at all, thats more like hey just drag this corpse and hand him free LP. seems more like.. wow i won because that guy really is trolling or that troll is on my team now its pretty bad when my enemy teams tell me ''feelsbadman you got a troll'' or ''lol free win you got afk'' i think personally the MMR system is broken because it doesnt add many values. and actually rewards underperformance.. you dont need to do anything to win at times, just hope other team has afk or troll and you are lucky to have 1 Guy do 90% of work for team and than you get 100% of the same reward. way too many underperforming players getting wins for nothing. so i cant call current system skillbased that Rewards wins for **afk on enemy team or intentional trolls** also a system that doesn't Recognize effort at all. your Adc could do 3k damage and toplaner could do 90k Damage and toplaner takes all objectives and somehow its still 20 lp for both. Than next game 3k Damage adc goes and joins another team makes them lose.. than he joins a better team and does nothing and makes them struggle for 20lp that they eventually carry him for. Now add Trolls and afkers to the Underperforming players and you have a real casino here. Sounds to me more like a grind than a skill based system. Its doesn't feel like a team game at times but more of a game of how hard 2 Players can carry the other 3 that are underperforming beyond belief that are killing themselves for the strangest reasons. but you have to live with it and earn 2x gold for your team that underperformers are throwing away at the enemy for no reason. its basically which Team has a Player to make up for all Weirdest stuff some of their team will do. so yeah thats my rant. i dont feel that all 10 players according to MMR system are really equal at all, and it seems more than often there is a HUGE gap between players. We are talking about a Player that doesn't know how to cs or even roam vs a Player that can do all basics and somehow the MMR groups them ? its plain to see gap between players and in every game there are only 2 players that play decently and other 3 take their free win.
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