How does someone ranks up in silver?

Technically most replies to this would be (you are in the division that you deserve to be) but honestly I will disagree. I was a very bad player, and I got stuck in Bronze. Yes I will admit that I deserved to be there. I was **raging**, **blaming everyone**, **flaming**, **crying my heart out**. Well I've been playing for 4 seasons now maybe 5. I took some time off to clear my mind off of my games and just watched people streaming, people playing on YouTube and even championships to see how they handle their anger. Seemed like **feeders**, **trollers**, people who go **afk** and **ragers** are on every division, and those are the people who are left behind (_**aka me**_) But... after I got back into league, I stopped **raging** and **blaming everyone**, i tried my best and got out of bronze, although everything seemed to be alright, I started losing every single one of my promos on silver bcoz even though I have great games before my promotional games, somehow on my promotional games people will **troll**, first off they **rage** on champion select bcoz they didn't got the lane they wanted, so they choose to pick random champions which **pisses others off** and suddenly Im a support with **3 top** players and **a mid**... some other times people will just **afk** instead which is mostly the worse part... So my question is.. **how do I rank up.. is it my fault?** I would like some opinions of why and what I can do about it
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