Why is this community so toxic?

New account, new player, only started about a week ago, and I have to say, this playerbase is the easily the worst I've encountered. Here's a quick summary of my games: Lose lane? Reported for intentional feeding and insulted a lot, a guy which clearly stated he's a smurf practically told me to uninstall and kill myself, so that was interesting. Didn't jump in a 1v2 team fight to make it into a 2v2 because a ward I placed earlier gave away the rest of their team will arrive in less than 5 seconds so I left. Reported for griefing. Trying out roles and champions to see what I click with best -> reported for feeding if god forbid I don't play like the ultimate god of all games to ever exist. If anything, this game and community overall feels like it doesn't want any new players and it's pretty much all smurfs until you reach a level where you fight their mains. Same people, just different name. Edit: After playing 20-30 games or so, I can safely say, screw this game, screw this community, screw this company as a whole. Between the rampant toxicity, disgusting smurfs that make it impossible to play as a new player, this is the _**WORST**_ online game I have ever touched. I can see why everywhere I go this game is called a toxic cesspool.
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