Riots Game Damaging Actions Towards Trolling Inting and Toxicity

The fact that people can literally troll or int in ranked games and go unpunished yet Riot can stand around and hand out chat bans or game bans like they are nothing to players frustratingly cursing out trolls/inters is actually a joke. Prioritise more game damaging behaviour instead of trying to force possibly one of the most toxic communities into submission through a broken system just wasting peoples money and time. In banning people for toxicity and treating inting/ trolling so lightly its actually damaging the game in that the people being punishing will just turn to inting/trolling themselves as an alternative to getting heated in the chat. The most frustrating thing about this all is that it has such an easy fix. Look at more than just the single chat logs of one person and look at the game itself and what is happening for this person to be so frustrated, if the person is just being a complete ape, teach them their lesson and give them their chat ban/ game ban but if they genuinely are just venting in frustrating at someone quite clearly trolling or inting do something about it. Infact one up, let the player being punished for toxicity in chat know the Rioters point of view on the matter, whether the game has been reviewed or whether something has been done to inters/trolls in the game they are being punished for. In all honesty, not that it matters, but in my opinion toxicity isn't something that can just be 'disciplined' in an online game/community, it will always be there whether you like it or not, and instead of trying to punish people cursing each other out in chat, focus on punishing those that are being genuinely just out right nasty in chat saying vulgar or offensive things. Let people curse each other out for making mistakes, people have been doing it for decades in online games, the only things worth punishing is the genuinely offensive or uncalled for cursing out in chat that isn't so much game related. After recieving yet another chat ban this had to be said. From a player that truely loves and dedicates so much time to the game it is truely upsetting to have in game rewards and end of season rewards through the, dauntingly hard to grind out, honour system taken away. (Try) to stay tiltproof and carry on with the grind I guess... {{sticker:zombie-nunu-tears}}
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