Intentionally feeds and BM's

so I queued up for a normal game. Everything was fine for the first few minutes. We had an AFK Kayle and decided as a team not to remake, hoping she'd come back. Well long story short This Challenger Yasuo decided to run it down mid over and over again after dying 1v1 to garen. He had 14 deaths by the 17th minute mark. I asked him why he was doing it, well, it was because we declined the remake. He didn't care because me ticketing him will be useless since I am a ''no one'' and that I should check his account in 10 or 14 days to see that he still isn't banned. So by his definition it is okay to run it down constantly bcus we had an afk and refused to give up. I know it was a normal game, but frankly I don't care about that, he ruined the experience for me and the rest of us, who wanted to keep on playing. What's your take on this?
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