Chat restricted on EUW (Why i will never play EUW again)

My EUW account got chat restricted, i thought uh, it would be nice to have different champions on multiple account so i wouldn't need to purchase them with RP, boii people of EUW are wonderful, they hard flame you and then report you for responding to them with human manners. Note that game before this i was also hard flamed, i ignored these people in that game, i know i should have done the same in this case.. but oh well.. Game 1 Pre-Game Snake Expert: support In-Game Snake Expert: if yas get Infinity edge its gg Snake Expert: dont feed Snake Expert: reported for what? Snake Expert: u dont know how to stay behind a tureet? Snake Expert: turret* Caitlyn had around 2 or 3 deaths by that time, she was constantly flaming me, i responded like responsible human being. Snake Expert: bait them Snake Expert: yas/rengar Snake Expert: caitlyn Snake Expert: reported Snake Expert: luL I was joking, by that time she had told 2 times to report me, she let me die and i made this innocent joke. Snake Expert: rep me for trying to help u? Snake Expert: okay no support for top Snake Expert: good luck ;) Rengar and yasuo we're flaming me, i responded with a joke, by the way i died helping them Yasuo and rengar got the kill anyway (with my help) Snake Expert: lol ur the one trolling Snake Expert: letting me die Snake Expert: when u could have gotten double Snake Expert: wtf are u doing caitlyn Snake Expert: lmao 2nd double Snake Expert: u missed Snake Expert: You are calling my troll yet you are the one trolling, i gave you double you just run away She constantly ran away when i tried to support her, i almost gave her 2 double kills but she ran under the turret while she was full HP Snake Expert: and i know you didn't mute me by the way. Snake Expert: yep, i knew u didnt mute me. Snake Expert: ok Snake Expert: caitlyn, since i know you didnt mute me Snake Expert: can i ask something Snake Expert: is it so hard to stay behind a turret while i roam and help others? Snake Expert: also, specify how am i trolling this game, while i do things unlike you. Snake Expert: ;) I wanted her to specify how i am trolling, since i didn't know myself. Snake Expert: oops Snake Expert: Also caitlyn report calling for no reason is report able :) Snake Expert: report me again? Snake Expert: our yas is good Snake Expert: look at our caitlyn, she constantly feeds enemy and blames me I did that 'look at this guy' move because i was sick and tired of her flaming me, then yasuo got called out for no reason even tho he was good. Snake Expert: caitlyn, i supported you, you just run away Snake Expert: how am i supposed to support you if you run away Snake Expert: lmfao Snake Expert: so i started roaming and feeding others who didnt run away I started roaming at minute 10 or 15, since i couldn't work it out with caitlyn, i fed top and mid a bit. (team ofcoure lol) Snake Expert: and dont pretend like im muted Snake Expert: i love how you want to report me simply because i failed to help you, even though i died trying Rengar joins the brawl, i die trying to help him and he calls for an report. Snake Expert: how old are you? Snake Expert: lol he is so triggered because i couldnt help him Snake Expert: love this. I asked for rengars age because i genuinely thought he is no older than 14, his behavior was just mmmm..... Snake Expert: rengar, just so you know. you are the one getting reported, report calling for no reason is actually punishable offense Snake Expert: :) I thought that report calling is punishable, not sure if it is. Snake Expert: I'm just going to ignore all of you since i know you are not older than 14, in other words your brain isn't developed enough to Snake Expert: withstand events I am going to admit my mistake, and say that this one time i flamed. i was sick and %%%%ing tired of them flaming me for no reaso%%%% did this 'You age is this' move, which i am genuinely sure this rengar and cait were'nt older than age specified above. Post-Game Snake Expert: gg guys! i would appreciate if you could report caitlyn and rengar for flaming me multiple times Snake Expert: and maybe griefing, not sure if they did that. but yeah, i would appreciate it. I report called once, you would too if you we're in my situation... --------------------------
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