Officialy losing hope in the report system

Yesterday i had one of the most atrocious days in my life (league of legends wise). Not only that i've lost a couple of solo Q ranked games in a row with flamers, massive trolls and griefers but if this wasn't enough, the cherry on top of the cake was when i switched to FLEX, in hope i'll have a normal game with reasonable people. Guess what, i've been molested! A Miss Fortune was really unhappy that we had a Veigar support and died 3 times early game and decided to start running down mid, fed approximately 10 kills and then around minute 18 ambiguously decided that she wanted to win the game. But hey, i kept a cool head, and said to myself... one troll less, because after the game i was going to report her. Said and done! But guess what, saved her OP.GG to track her down, and surprisingly, she's still playing. Now i'm wondering, can the banning system be tricked that easily, and if you change your mind by the end of the game and get 1 kill and 5 assists will repair all that damage she did (in terms of detection)? The funny fact is that she also flamed a lot and i've made a complete report for NEGATIVE ATTITUDE VERBAL ABUSE INTENTIONAL FEEDING How could all these 3 factors be ignored and not trigger an investigation?! This hasn't happened just for this particular report, but for many others, i kept track to this one because it happened to take place in a large chain of negative experiences with League of Legends. Now don't get me wrong, i do not defend the flamers (never been banned or restricted since i play league), but it is scandalous things like calling people with racial slurs or homophobic terms to be the major cause of players getting banned. I simply cannot comprehend how the system cannot detect 1 death/ minute, and in some cases even 2 deaths/ minute as being intentional feeding. Have a great day, whoever is reading this post.
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