Another League of Salt

Hello boards, In the following story I will use 3 champion names, Because it isnt allowed to use thier real names. - Khazix - Ahri - Riven So I was the riven player and went in a late night SoloQ (Normals). I am not a good riven player, but just like to play. So we went ingame and in the champion select screen it started. Someone picked cho'gath support. our Jungler went crazy about it. Then she died while ganking and started to yell our ADC. Now a time of peace and just lane happend. Now the problems become real. The enemy Kha'zix gets HARD fed and gets a quadra kill. After he disrespected the whole time by saying 'EZ' when he killed someone I decided to run base FAST. He went so crazy and asked our team to report and thier team also would. Ahri also went mad that I was useless when I went 2-3-3 and she went 1-5-2 (Not even mentioning the farm) And just what I excpected after my game: (Behavoir warning) And I didnt recieved any punishement, So GJ guys nice to go crazy about a penta for a selfish kha zix main. After the game I contacted Kha'zix with private chat I said: Hello mate, Sorry about that penta deny, but u need to know that U can abuse everything because ur gold V (He used that as reason) ur not a god now. So beter show respect. And he blocked me. - Matthijs Jhyntu harmend . [Just wanted to share this ****] {{champion:36}}
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