banned for? psy sht game

Game 1 Ognjén: dat yasuo main Ognjén: ff 15 Ognjén: report jax Ognjén: afk plus troll Ognjén: im afk also Ognjén: god zed btw Ognjén: why are you talking? Ognjén: do you see this team Ognjén: gj Ognjén: :D Ognjén: awesome Ognjén: just ff Ognjén: go next Ognjén: you check that shit in this Normal game mode elo? Ognjén: cringe Ognjén: ripperino pepperino am i right Ognjén: jax ur reported %%%% Ognjén: pedere u blendere Ognjén: finally got my duskblade! Ognjén: gg >?????????????????????????????????<

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