Trollers and feeders that RIOT does nothing about and shit matchmaking system.

I had a troller in the jungle. He played Gragas and he was lvl 6 while everyone was lvl 15-16 because he went to base and jsut walked in the fountain. Everyone reported him but nothing happened to him. There are also a lot of shit ton players that say fck you mum or somethign like that and riot does nothing about that. There are shit ton of players that just run it down mid or bot and that dont get banned. I send reports in hope someone will watch over those games but RIOT just doesnt care anymore.{{sticker:sg-shisa}} RIOT should fix their report system and their matchmaking as well. I got a xerath as an enemy taht was platinum previous season. I was Gold 1 which is an ok, BUT MY FRICKING BOT WAS IRON PREV SEASON AND JUST GOT INTO BRONZE 4!!!!! As yo ucan suspect my fcking bot fed hardcore and xerath demolished us all. RIOT EMPLOYEE IF YOU ARE READING THIS LOOK UP INTO THIS PROBLEMS!!!{{sticker:sg-ahri-1}} Everyone cries about your shit matchmakign where bronze players and silver players get matched up against Gold players and Platinum players. You also have no way of banning trollers. Literally a guy was 6th lvl whiel we were all around lvls 16-17 and you didnt ban him. He was roamign i nthe fountain and didnt do anything. You can atleast make a system that look like into XP gain and see if the player gained xp after certain period or if he jsut afk in the river. Even iron players gain XP through the game and this was the most obvoius thing that couldve been done and pointed out to you guys to ban him, and oyu didnt give a shit at all. {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}} fix your matchmaking so silver players dont get matched with Platinum players and bronze iron players prev season not getting in games with high Gold Low platinum players previous season. It is such a shit system and it makes everyone rage.{{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
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