Chat mutes: The way to spread toxicity

So, recently I've come back to league after not playing in almost 2 years. Now, if you look at my match history you'll see that in 95% of games I've been smashing it (bronze elo lol), but you still lose due to people feeding, which I can understand, you can have bad games and everyone does. However, the one thing that really triggers me in this game is trollers. So, I start to have a few games today on my day off work, everything is going fine, until I meet a Kha'zix jungler, of which his only aim in the game is to harass and annoy myself. He said he had a feeding mid lane last game, so his way to resolve this was to run into my lane level 3 and flash under the enemy turret to give my enemy double buffs. I complain a bit, as anyone would, but then from that point forward through the whole game he sat in my lane taking cs, he'd smite every cannon minion he could and would constantly follow me, if I backed he would back, if I went into the jungle he would follow and Q or smite the minions. So, my blood starts boiling, as it would in most people, and I type "1 more time and I'm afk", to which his response is to spam ping his mastery and then yet again smite the next cannon minion. I decide to base and afk after saying "ggwp, mid is open, sorry but I can't play with this %%%%ing troll". After the game, I report Kha'zix, however, my team is saying "report *insert my name and champ* for ruining the game", so yet again, I say; "Are you blind? Watch the game back and see how much this twat was harassing me, %%%% off" and leave the lobby. Moments later I grab a drink and take a deep breath and queue up again. Get into the game, "chat restriction is in place", my motivation for the game becomes "%%%% this game", because of a single game where somebody trolls and harasses me, (of which there isn't a mute button), I flame a small amount and get not only muted, but no access to hextech rewards or ability to talk anymore. So throughout this game I couldn't give a shit if I fed or if I farmed well or anything. So, moral of the story is this; You can harass, troll, feed, annoy, and just generally bully players as long as you don't type a message you'll be fine, however, if you DO decide to flame someone back, instead of them pressing the mute button that actually stops them being exposed to your "toxicity", you'll be the one punished, and you'll be the one inting and trolling in future games, and you'll be the one making new accounts over and over to spread the seed of toxicity. TLDR; Troll, harass, smite your teams CS, spam emotes and become their shadow for the game and you'll be able to get them muted when they tell you to %%%% off. And for the record, I have NEVER had a "thanks for your feedback" for a report for someone purposely inting or trolling, only for people flaming, so it's clear to see the former isn't punished nearly as much as the latter that the little mute button can resolve. Enjoy your leaugin'.
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