The in-game chat's purpose (a little rant as a response to a comment)

It is a communication tool for your team, for saying stuff like "Go Baron", "I'll split, you distract them", "Somebody stay in case of backdoor", "Lee going bot, take care". Stuff like that, which may or may not be possible to say via pings alone. Even if someone wants to surrender so badly they can try to issue the vote one or two times and if the team refuses - deal with it. But it's certainly NOT meant to be used as a tool to shittalk each other and play the game of passing around the ball of guilt for pretty much the whole match, tilting the entire team in the process, while at the same time that same team gets crushed by the enemy like a bunch of petty cockroaches. Even at the VERY LEAST this generates completely unnecessary stress on at least two or three people or up to TEN people at worst; and for what? Because ya'll feel like you have something to prove in a VIDEO GAME that has literally zero real life consequences? In short, remember this next time you get permanently banned for toxicity or negative behaviour. Good night, summoners.

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