Riot PLEASE do something about your ranked system

So... It wasn't enough i got 5 games with afk's in my qualifers and got thrown to silver while i was G1 but you just have to give me amateurs to play vs gold/plat players. I had an orianna carry her team vs my zed who said he was a "beast with zed" cuz he mains him for 1.5 years, an literaly first time udyr saying it's not his fault and how is he suposed to winn with a champ he's playing for the first time (in ranked) and i literaly, and i mean literaly had a guy, playing ranked for first time like ever, vs a whole plat team, can you guess the outcome ? And you know what, nothing compared to last 6 games where most of them we were either winning and then someone dc's or had a dc for like 10-15 min and it hapens so fren. Oh and another funny though that has been on my mind, i'm a silver player right now, playing vs plats to get to gold, how fair is that ? :D
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