Chat Ban for nothing

I got chat banned for absolutely nothing. The story is that I accidentally thought I was supposed to go top, since im used to 2 top in urf (this was normal summoners rift) and my entire team started calling be a troll, calling me %%%%%%ed, saying really bad words which are too offensive to say here (racial slurs, offensive words in general) I however didnt say anything to them that would trigger them. I got really annoyed when they flamed on me when I tried to apologize, hence the use of word "%%%%%%". You can clearly see Im trying to apologize for playing poorly, but I never whatsoever used a poor or abusive language. They did. Like, a lot. But yet IM the one to get chat banned? The second game was just a toxic duo against me. In both games the only ones to defend me were the enemy teams, who witnessed it all via the /all chat. Please Riot, look further into reports, so that you dont ban the innocent guy. Ill leave you to read the game chats and see for yourselves. I wish you could see the teammates messages, they were truly obnoxious and really took it way to far over such a small mistake and escaleted it with abusive language. I doubt any of them got banned, since it was 1 report against 5 :/ Wish theyd get perma banned or something kek. Game 1 In-Game Mana Pot: played too much urf ;/ Mana Pot: wrong runes so? Mana Pot: why so toxic bard Mana Pot: So what I went top Mana Pot: Im not a troll, why would I be Mana Pot: I have played urf only since it came out, so 2 top is ordinary for me. Besides I just played the runes for a urf last match, forgot to switch. You dont need to be toxic, that jus gets you a report Mana Pot: Why report me? Mana Pot: You are all toxic on me Mana Pot: Im not troll.. Mana Pot: This community sucks Mana Pot: Steals top lane? I thought I played so much urf im used to 2 top Mana Pot: Im not ruining it on purpose. Besides, its hard to level jng when ur not jungling Mana Pot: No I didnt. But in urf you dont jungle Mana Pot: Yes that is my fault, but it was unintentional. So stop being so goddamn disrespectful Mana Pot: And I cant get ban for it so Mana Pot: Why? It says "griefing is not playing bad" Im playing poorly, im not trolling Mana Pot: You told me to afk, but no im just typing while moving Mana Pot: Im lvl 2 because therese no minions to kill.. Mana Pot: And ok report me for something else then. I didnt steal any lane and Im not trolling. Im not report worthy in any way Mana Pot: Not really, you just dont seem to understand the situation Mana Pot: However I am eligible to report you for abusive chat. Sooo Mana Pot: Im crying lol? Mana Pot: Man you are hopeless arent you Mana Pot: You really dont listen to what Im saying are you Mana Pot: If I go afk you will blame me for going afk Mana Pot: Yasou im not salty. Mana Pot: Wow all of you are so disrespectful.. Mana Pot: I accidentally thought I was going top and therefore went top, and I had wrong runes. Does that mean im intentionally throwing? Mana Pot: Sorry Yasou I jumped to conclusions when I read "so dont worry garen is just one of those salty players" Mana Pot: But anyway so sorry then team, I should have thought more when jumping into a game.. Mana Pot: Ill be more thoughtful next time, im really sorry Mana Pot: Guess you wont accept an apology will ya Mana Pot: ggwp sorry team Post-Game Mana Pot: np I have 221 skins so Mana Pot: same :D Mana Pot: Nah Mana Pot: But you can leave bro and forget me no need to still be toxic Mana Pot: I had one bad game thats all Mana Pot: Shut up already Mana Pot: Stop being so toxic Mana Pot: I apologized, no need to be such %%%%% about it Mana Pot: But I cant even get banned for anything, you can Mana Pot: The way you talk just approves it Mana Pot: Not instalock, I thought I was supposed to go top. Mana Pot: Verbal language Mana Pot: Bye Mana Pot: np Mana Pot: recording this chat :D Game 2 In-Game Mana Pot: hehe lol Mana Pot: I got carried away by tahms beauty Mana Pot: np Mana Pot: I was behind you so dont tell me i dont play safe Mana Pot: no one could see that trap being right there so Mana Pot: what Mana Pot: damn triggered lol Mana Pot: sivir, play safe pls Mana Pot: yes? Mana Pot: thought so Mana Pot: wow youre toxic lol Mana Pot: I was dead, what did you want me to do? Mana Pot: wtf Mana Pot: I died saving you. Blocking you so that blitz wouldnt kill you, and you blame me because you are %%%%%%ed and still die afterwa Mana Pot: Report Fman for toxic behaviour Mana Pot: I died saving you and then you still go aggresivly against 2 people and die, then you say its my fault you die... So no, im not the toxic one if you get mad over that Mana Pot: Any mental person would agree Mana Pot: why are you so toxic? Mana Pot: sure thing Mana Pot: how you wanna do it Mana Pot: gj Mana Pot: Yasou you see what I mean? Mana Pot: I have my moments at least Mana Pot: haha Mana Pot: ggwp Also worth mentioning: The guy that was most disrespectful to me in the post-game chat afterwards, also added me to flame more, because I left before he could finish flaming. His username is F0XES (thats a zero not capital O). Would appreciate a report on him. Thanks. With love, a bad lol player {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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