Inting vs Flaming

Riot punishes "toxic" chat logs almost instantly, and can insta-ban a player for writing 3 letters in the chat, while it takes tens of games to get an inting person banned, even when it is obvious. This might mean that Riot sees often times flaming, which can be muted, worse than intentionally losing a game. But what are the cons of both? Flaming: Can tilt you, disorient you, but also if it tries to deliver a message, win you the game if you follow the advice of a teammate. Also it can be easily ignored by the mute button. Inting: Can and will eventually tilt you, tries to lose the game, you cant stop someone from taking away your lp and wasting your time. There is no button to stop someone from ruining you your game on purpose. In my opinion, I would like to get 9 flamers in a game rather than 1 inter. Vote in the polls please.
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