the ban system is absolute trash, u get banned for flamming trolls, wich is the only thing you can do to them for losing you the game; Wether they troll pick or troll summoners or int, becaus reporting them won't get them penalized becaus of how bullshit the ban system is and then when a player like ,my self who gets a smite kaisa in promos, garen support, inting top yauso straight up running it down, i get penalized and banned And now i can climb any more i'm not the best player but dam i started actually climbing; Then i got banned for this Game 1 Pre-Game HIGHVOLANIS: has anyone wathced got finale HIGHVOLANIS: ? HIGHVOLANIS: ? HIGHVOLANIS: ? HIGHVOLANIS: ? HIGHVOLANIS: ? HIGHVOLANIS: ? HIGHVOLANIS: ? HIGHVOLANIS: ? HIGHVOLANIS: ? HIGHVOLANIS: ? HIGHVOLANIS: ?. HIGHVOLANIS: ?? HIGHVOLANIS: ? HIGHVOLANIS: ? HIGHVOLANIS: ? HIGHVOLANIS: game of thrones HIGHVOLANIS: no it's on the deep web HIGHVOLANIS: hhahahahahahaha HIGHVOLANIS: they wraped up HIGHVOLANIS: production HIGHVOLANIS: they're done shooting HIGHVOLANIS: the final season HIGHVOLANIS: i haven't awtcehd t HIGHVOLANIS: in awhile In-Game HIGHVOLANIS: kasie why u have HIGHVOLANIS: smite HIGHVOLANIS: why u have smirte kaisa HIGHVOLANIS: kaisa wtf HIGHVOLANIS: are you doing HIGHVOLANIS: sion is she inting HIGHVOLANIS: chek darogn HIGHVOLANIS: ùsteal HIGHVOLANIS: dragion HIGHVOLANIS: pelas rpeot kaisa for itning HIGHVOLANIS: pleas HIGHVOLANIS: and troll smite HIGHVOLANIS: %%%% your race HIGHVOLANIS: u troloing ass %%%got HIGHVOLANIS: pleaaaaaaaaas repot kaisa for troll and itnng HIGHVOLANIS: pleaaaaaaaaaaas HIGHVOLANIS: she trolled us and she's inting HIGHVOLANIS: and laughing HIGHVOLANIS: reprot kaisa X4 pleas HIGHVOLANIS: nice troll %%%got HIGHVOLANIS: gg wp HIGHVOLANIS: pleas rpeort kaisa X9 for torll adn int early HIGHVOLANIS: smite sumonners Post-Game HIGHVOLANIS: gg wp HIGHVOLANIS: pelas repto kaisa HIGHVOLANIS: for troll HIGHVOLANIS: and int HIGHVOLANIS: early game HIGHVOLANIS: pleas HIGHVOLANIS: reprorkt kais X9 Game 2 Pre-Game HIGHVOLANIS: wow HIGHVOLANIS: troll HIGHVOLANIS: in ma promoooooooos HIGHVOLANIS: nice akili HIGHVOLANIS: tahnk you HIGHVOLANIS: and icna't dodge HIGHVOLANIS: tahnk you somùuch HIGHVOLANIS: i'll remeber to reprot you In-Game HIGHVOLANIS: yas HIGHVOLANIS: chek our red HIGHVOLANIS: not troll top 11cs HIGHVOLANIS: vs HIGHVOLANIS: 27 HIGHVOLANIS: hell nooooo HIGHVOLANIS: no one can tank HIGHVOLANIS: illaoi HIGHVOLANIS: and that %%%%% HIGHVOLANIS: is so squishy HIGHVOLANIS: and opur mid is trash HIGHVOLANIS: the troll god wiill help you HIGHVOLANIS: just troll pick HIGHVOLANIS: top reprroed for HIGHVOLANIS: bithc u trlled picked HIGHVOLANIS: reproted HIGHVOLANIS: stay where u are HIGHVOLANIS: we don't need her tofee djaycve as wel HIGHVOLANIS: see this biothc HIGHVOLANIS: reprot akili HIGHVOLANIS: X4 HIGHVOLANIS: ok HIGHVOLANIS: *why HIGHVOLANIS: stay HIGHVOLANIS: i pinged u 5times HIGHVOLANIS: why stay HIGHVOLANIS: u nited again akili HIGHVOLANIS: pleas rperot akali for torll and int HIGHVOLANIS: pleas rpeto akili for torll pck for onot getting mid HIGHVOLANIS: stpo HIGHVOLANIS: fightigna ns dsplit oush HIGHVOLANIS: no slplit HIGHVOLANIS: pleas er eprot akil troll pisk gg wp Post-Game HIGHVOLANIS: gg HIGHVOLANIS: pelas rpeto akili HIGHVOLANIS: intying and troll HIGHVOLANIS: pick for not getting mid HIGHVOLANIS: gg HIGHVOLANIS: we'll repro lee HIGHVOLANIS: reprot akili HIGHVOLANIS: pelas Game 3 In-Game HIGHVOLANIS: it's my first time with lle and i'm not trash wiht it HIGHVOLANIS: pelas rpeot bot inting and jinx afk HIGHVOLANIS: surerndet at 15 HIGHVOLANIS: and report jinx and leona HIGHVOLANIS: my r won't strat wtf HIGHVOLANIS: waht' funny ishow many reprots u and jinx will be ahving HIGHVOLANIS: wtf HIGHVOLANIS: waht are you sying HIGHVOLANIS: learn proper english HIGHVOLANIS: my mom HIGHVOLANIS: doesn't deal HIGHVOLANIS: with apes HIGHVOLANIS: u have to go to a zoo HIGHVOLANIS: pleas rpeot leona for itnig and jinx int and afk HIGHVOLANIS: gg wp HIGHVOLANIS: gg wp HIGHVOLANIS: pelas rpeot leona intign and troll HIGHVOLANIS: and jinx int and afk HIGHVOLANIS: gg wp viable reasons wow i flamed so hard this shit is in low elo like silver bronze low elo nice, if i'm gonna get banned for flame then i should at least be able to get the ban reviewed or the bann system needs to be modified to spot actual reasons for flame like a trolng top or trolling adc or inting; Maybe whne i reprot somone u can have a huiman rather then robot cheking the games, for %%%%'s sake it's not so much the toxicity of the community, it's how the game makes you become toxic becaus of how much unfair it is Also about the matchmakng, when i was climing i had a s 4 mmr; I get queued with 2 B1 like me, B4 and a B5, the enemy team has 1 S4, 2S5 and 2 B1; How the %%%% does that work
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