Taking wrong summoner spells on a jungler

When you queue up for ranked as a jungle main and you played support last game you sometimes forget to change your summoners. This happens to everyone every once in a while. The main problem is that with the changes to jungle items bein only available for people with smite the jungle becomes littelry unplayeble if you forget to select that summoner spell. This is diffrent in contrast to other lanes where taking the wrong summoner only results in a slight setback. So why is this post posted in player behaviour? In my last 50 games i have been placed in low priority queue 2 times for leaving some games. Reason for these leaves is that i'd rather take one for the team when i forget to take the right summoner spell instead of everyone on the team losing lp cause of it. The team can remake and i'm the only one that loses lp as a result. This in combination with some crashes on my old pc has resulted into alot of low priority queue. My pc is very old and when it crashes it takes like 6 min untill leaque is started again. First of all in my opinion leaverbuster is bein really tough on you when your pc crashes because when i have been gone for 6 minutes i always get the leaver message which makes me really sad. After a remake because of the wrong summoners im getting a double penalty for something i somewhat consider a honourable action. First of all i lose lp and second of all i get a leaverbuster remark. What i could have done is simply play the game, if i would have done that then everyone would waste at least 20 minutes of their lives to eventually lose the game and lose lp too instead of only me losing lp. It just makes me really sad that i'm trying really hard here to give everyone the best experience possible after i make a mistake and all i get is even more punishment in return. Just wanted to share. EDIT: So i've been trying to join another game right now and my leaverbuster low priority queue has even increased from 10 to 20 minutes now. Like i'm the ultimate super villain. This just makes me so sad.
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