Banned because of Sett

NOW UNBANNED, THANKS ALL OF YOU :D So i played sett for the first time, and when i did so i matched a sylas on the enemy team. During a fight the sylas used my R on me. When he did so i encountered the bug where the person thats gets sett-ulted gets stuck to him (in this case me to sylas), and throughout the game this didnt change. This resulted in me dying over and over again, because i couldnt move on my own and the enemy team knew to take of advantage of that (sylas stood in base and made me spawn there for example). At the time i wasnt mad or anything and laughed with them but clearly this resulted in me having a lot of deaths at the end of the game. I still did try to fix this bug by reconecting etc., even trying to tp but nothing worked. After the game was over i was ready to go into the next game and have some fun (and really play this time) but i couldnt because i was banned due to my behaviour. I contacted the support already and got the automated message that i was banned due to feeding intentionally and in my "review-card" it showed me that the described sett game is the one that got me banned for 2 weeks (it is the only game listed). I now find that my ban isnt rightfully because indeed i couldnt do ANYTHING about dying all those times. I would like to hear your opinions on what I should have done or if you think the ban should be reverted, whatever let me know :D Im hopeful of getting unbanned due to it not actually being me feeding, rather a bug causing it, but who knows, I really hope that im still gonna be able to farm my pass points for that prestige senna though. Apart from that i hope you all have a nice day :D For anyone wondering the replay file is attached to the support ticket #44780111 (if this is how this works) UPDATE: I have recieved an answer from the support telling me 1/24 isnt ok. Thanks i guess. The sad part is that they OBVIOUSLY didnt even care to read my ticket properly or watch the replay attached, otherwise the answer wouldnt have been: You fed, thats bad, repect or terms of use. IF THERE WAS A BUG EVERBODY WOULD HAVE BEEN IMPACTED BY THAT. (Thats the part that REALLY made me angry beacuse it showed how they literally didnt give a f*** about what i told them earlier). This obviously isnt what they said word for word but represents the message they tried to get to me. Im actually disappointed right now. Ive been playing this game for more than 5 years and thats all the repsect i get when adressing a serious issue? Im aware that the support cant read everyting in detail but for real? The answer seems like they didnt even look at what i wrote... Managed to get a short clip of me spawning in enemy fountain uploaded too:
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