Hello all. Cele here. Now you think that I'm at fault. But to me, It's different idea. How the hell can I play 1v9 and still win? Sure diamonds or above say it's ez but my skill is high silver-low gold level only. My team feeds and all of them are asking for ganks. Now I tried to gank all lanes, looks like things are evening out but nope. they towerdive and get killed. And then they blame me because I didn't gank. This kind of logic tilts me because I ganked 1 minute ago. But that's not the biggest problem. Through hard work, through blood sweat and tears I got to Bronze II, clawed my way out to promo to B1. I clawed my way through bronze elo. I fought tooth and nail to climb. And just as I thought I will climb out of this hell hole, on my promos 0/20 Nasus vs 20/0 Jax. Nasus trolled and let Jax snowball. I played {{champion:39}} and when jax was fed, I was able to kill him but died to another champ. another game 2 players inted. and in another 2 players went afk intentionally... and this shit went on until I got to Bronze IV 0 LP. And now my last game all team inted.... fed enemy team and expected me to carry. I couldn't focus even. Sure I admit I screwed up two times when the kill was guaranteed but I couldn't play 1v9. And now I'm back at Bronze V..... So I ask you how to win games 1v9 and carry myself to Silver and above? Because I'm lost, I'm tilted, I'm angry, and I'm tired of bronze players who int... Help me someone. Thank you :){{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
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