Will the system flagg him ?

: u shitt eater stfu dino0!BiB!: being toxic : 3/8/ : 3/8/0 dino0!BiB!: bad games happn : not even a single assit left the lobby : not really : not even a singel assist dino0!BiB!: lol dino0!BiB!: i do damage : means u r a worthles s%%%%t dino0!BiB!: the thing is they tof eed : u r a cancer : canccer dino0!BiB!: keep it up : u leach upon the team : u r a burden : like u r in ur family dino0!BiB!: Alirght :D : go %%%%k ur self **Is this enought to trigger the system, i did erased his name dont wanna create a witch hunt , and protect his identity** This is only in post game chat , he was a lot worser in game
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