Are leavers not being banned?

When I have a leaver in almost every single game I play I have to start wondering, are leavers not punished at all? From one point of view it makes sense not to punish people too hard for leaving because it could be something in real life thats come up, but you are after all messing over 9 other players pretty hard. One shouldn't be allowed to leave just because you mess up and die once or something like that. Yet almost every game I play that excact thing happens. I always report the leavers but I don't think i have ever gottan a notification that someone I reported has been banned. If leavers are being banned, how are there so many leavers? Are players not being punished? What is the deal with leaving? I'm seriously considering quitting league because I waste so much time sitting in a game with only other 9 players.
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