Remember to stay positive! (Game experience)

Hey guys, it's been a while! I used to be super active here on boards but I haven't been around too much lately. It's good to be back, I hope you all are doing well! I figured I'd share an experience that I had last night with you all, which really proved to me the benefit of having a positive attitude towards this game, avoiding tilt and trying to help your team-mates do the same. Let me paint you a picture, I get into a ranked game and me and my team see that we have a pretty late-heavy team comp that, once we get there, would be absolutely disgusting for the enemy to deal with. The early game chat, pre-leashing my jungler and such, is about how we just need "to not feed" in lane and it's an easy win. Our toplaner dies twice within the first 5 minutes, our midlaner gets killed solo and this prompts our Jungler to go on tilt. For the next 15 minutes he starts to make bad decisions, he gets caught in the jungle a few times, he's constantly saying "gg" in the chat and, when 20 minutes hit, he fires out a surrender vote. We are down to our 3 inhibitor turrets and, looking at the gold graph post-game, this began a period when we were 10,000 gold behind for ~10 minutes. Throughout all of this, the toplaner who had died a few times early had remained positive. Me and him (or her) urged the team to hang in there, defend with everything we had and eventually we could turn the tide if we made favourable fights or picked a few people off. I made sure to remain positive and do my job as a support, keeping everything warded as best as I could (while being safe), sticking with my team and generally keeping things positive. Eventually we started getting small advantages, coming out of fights 2-1, snagging a dragon or a turret, and this only grew as we got more into our late game team that completely outscaled theirs. We got an ace and took -4- turrets. We won another fight and got the two inhibitors we'd opened up with the last push, all because we stayed positive when things were looking grim, we played smart and did what we needed to do to stay in the game. Eventually we won, after being down in gold for practically the entire game. I bring this up because there have been times in the past where I would let an early game experience like that tilt me, the two deaths in top and my jungler saying GG every time he was caught would normally get me down, but I decided to not let it this game. I backed my team up, tried to keep their spirits high, and by the end of the game even our jungler was playing smarter, he seemed happier in the chat, stuck with the team and stopped getting caught out. I guess this post was just meant to be a friendly reminder for you all that no matter how bad a game looks, you should not let it affect you personally. Try and keep your spirits high and try and keep your team happy and you'll win more games. Morale makes a huge difference in League and from this game I learned that it's always better to stay positive than let the game get to you and you will make League a more positive experience for everyone, most of all yourself. I'll probably get back up here occasionally with my thoughts from time to time but until then-- have a great time on the rift and remember to stay positive! :)
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