Permabans are pushing all the toxic players to the lower levels and not solving the problem

All Permabans are doing is pushing toxic players away to make new accounts and then begin the same pattern of behavior in lower level games, making the experience that much more horrible for new players that want to get into the game. I understand why Riot is doing this (because it makes them more money as toxic players will probably buy champions and skins again) but its ultimately destroying their game because new players have to put up with 20x the toxic players that most other leagues have. Smurfing has become a real problem in this game and toxic players do not learn anything by getting permabanned. If Riot was really serious about combating toxicity and negative behavior, they would give IP bans. Now for those of you that say "but what if somebody else in the house also plays", I'm sorry but that is just tough because its not fair to make lower level players have to wade through this human cesspool, just to keep the higher levels free of toxicity and maybe then, people will actually get a form of punishment in the real world by their "brother" or other family members that play League as well and LEARN SOMETHING from the experience.

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