Got suspended for flame, just wanna share that you can get banned for "ez"

So my normal games with friends got a bit heated and I told a few enemy people who ganged up on me that the games were "ez" when they messed up or lost. Lo and behold, got a 14 day suspension (never got a chat restriction btw) for "ez", "garbage" and "trash" in normal games (haven't played ranked in a while) Proof: [images of suspension notice]( ps: yes, I do write "%%%" occasionally (once a week) when I get very upset, meanwhile the suspension notice only shows a game not containing any real profanity at all. If you want to ban me, ban me for my outlier games so I feel bad and try to change something. ps2: trick2g, where this happens every second game, is not banned btw {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}} Pls don't come after me for this, I enjoy tricks content and part of me writing "ez" when people really try to upset me and it backfires comes from him.
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