banned for 1 game

i cannot say that i was not toxic this game, but i thought you at least needed 2 or 3 games to be toxic, to getting a ban. and i never had a 2 weeks ban this is what I said this game. btw most of the things are in another language was premade Game 1 Pre-Game SnikkerBoy: 9 uur SnikkerBoy: als ik thuis ben SnikkerBoy: ik werk bij een IT bedrijf SnikkerBoy: dus software reparen SnikkerBoy: computer in elkaar maken SnikkerBoy: als ik niks te doen heb zoals vandaag gamen ja SnikkerBoy: XD SnikkerBoy: wat zou jij dan doen in mijn schoenen/> SnikkerBoy: mijn baas heeft gezegds dat get nag SnikkerBoy: ja maar SnikkerBoy: dat is mijn aftrek vrijetijd SnikkerBoy: ik moet dan aan me lul kunnen vast houden SnikkerBoy: XD SnikkerBoy: maar jij moet one piece gaan kijken SnikkerBoy: als je alles af hebt SnikkerBoy: kunnen we leke zondag avond afspreken SnikkerBoy: om het samen te kijken SnikkerBoy: :D In-Game SnikkerBoy: als je via league call wilt praten kan gwn SnikkerBoy: ik heb me zelf op mute SnikkerBoy: jij kan wel zeggen SnikkerBoy: XD SnikkerBoy: oke SnikkerBoy: jij bent echt een %%%got SnikkerBoy: toplane beginnne SnikkerBoy: red SnikkerBoy: beginnen SnikkerBoy: %%%.ot SnikkerBoy: deepward topside SnikkerBoy: no summs both SnikkerBoy: judyr no f SnikkerBoy: zerkw wel SnikkerBoy: ben zed SnikkerBoy: duo mid SnikkerBoy: ye SnikkerBoy: lol SnikkerBoy: dude SnikkerBoy: YOURE SnikkerBoy: RANGE SnikkerBoy: 24 cooldonw SnikkerBoy: who the %%%% boost this guys? SnikkerBoy: gnar SnikkerBoy: btw SnikkerBoy: nee SnikkerBoy: dit account is promo naar plat SnikkerBoy: :? SnikkerBoy: surrender 15 if we cannot get anny kills SnikkerBoy: only bot winning SnikkerBoy: but lost a 1v2 SnikkerBoy: nvm SnikkerBoy: no lane is winning SnikkerBoy: lol SnikkerBoy: was zo i zo dood SnikkerBoy: WP SnikkerBoy: was slim om trug te gaan SnikkerBoy: go in guys? SnikkerBoy: he was so low? SnikkerBoy: litterly SnikkerBoy: lulu and yasuo almost killed but no follow at all SnikkerBoy: used it against ezreal ult SnikkerBoy: gnar SnikkerBoy: you made this game like this SnikkerBoy: plz SnikkerBoy: dont talk agaisnt them SnikkerBoy: brand SnikkerBoy: gnar have just a bad game SnikkerBoy: oneshoted SnikkerBoy: holy SnikkerBoy: shit SnikkerBoy: that is just %%%%tup SnikkerBoy: ik zeg je SnikkerBoy: alleen superlate game winnen we dit met jouw SnikkerBoy: GNAR SnikkerBoy: TOP SnikkerBoy: GO TOP GNAR SnikkerBoy: go top SnikkerBoy: toplane SnikkerBoy: is top SnikkerBoy: i wan you to defend SnikkerBoy: WP SnikkerBoy: WP SnikkerBoy: WP SnikkerBoy: WP SnikkerBoy: WELL SnikkerBoy: THIJS SnikkerBoy: WE HADDEN SnikkerBoy: DAT SnikkerBoy: ZO SnikkerBoy: KRR MOOI GEDAAN SnikkerBoy: DE TWEE STERKSTE GENEUKT SnikkerBoy: alsof iemand ooit de 1v1 van een zed wint SnikkerBoy: ONESHOTED SnikkerBoy: LOL SnikkerBoy: gwn ult en gone SnikkerBoy: gnar SnikkerBoy: why you going ad? SnikkerBoy: go tank man SnikkerBoy: you are losing SnikkerBoy: all lane SnikkerBoy: stop the ad bullshit and build tank bro SnikkerBoy: :? SnikkerBoy: deze udyr SnikkerBoy: ik mag ook nooit van hem akali 1v1 SnikkerBoy: ze is mijn kans om fed te worden SnikkerBoy: WTF SnikkerBoy: wrong focus gnar and ezreal SnikkerBoy: LOL SnikkerBoy: YOU GUYS LOE AGAINST SnikkerBoy: HER SnikkerBoy: WTF? SnikkerBoy: kan je niet alleen SnikkerBoy: laag gaan SnikkerBoy: CMON SnikkerBoy: BRAND SnikkerBoy: USE YOURE %%%%ING ULT OR GHIM SnikkerBoy: USE IT ALL SnikkerBoy: FOR YASUO SnikkerBoy: TGAT GRoup SnikkerBoy: no grouping SnikkerBoy: thats why we lost it

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