Honor System

Good afternoon guys! I was hoping to start a conversation about the current Honor system and your progress in it. In my opinion it would benefit players a lot if there would be more transparancy and better feedback on your performance (did you do well, or were you toxic, and how did this influence your honor progress). Turning the system into a more layered one was a good start, but wouldn't it be a good idea to see your progress inbetween honor levels, similar to as you see your progress between leveling up? Besides that there is currently no feedback on your behavior, and if that influences your honor progress. If players get a message after a game with: "The last game you were abusing teammates, as a penalty your honor progress is slowed for 5 games, please try to improve this." Or "last game you were very kind and helpfull, hence your honor progress got a little boost.", that could help players a great deal in improving their behavior, but also provide a clearer image on how the Honor system works and your progress within. Hope to hear your opinions on this matter! Purple
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