Safe AFK

Im so pissed by all these AFK players, even a fkin BAN wont help me feel better. I honestly couldnt care about winning / losing, since this is league. AFK, flame, shithead, dc, rage quit, feed everything will happen in fkin game. But even if someone is SHIT, and FEED, and etc, he is at least playing the game. But all this fkin AFK guy just makes us lose, no help, no justice. Even if i wish cancer for them ( which i do, idc, they deserve it ), it doesnt do anything, neither ur shitty punishent system. I want to thing : * fkin ladder for AFK-ers, where we can see them, the count of there afk too, and flame the fkin shit out of them. If they commit some self-destruction, that would be even better. Since shits who got time to %%%% us, deserve to get %%%%ed in the process. ( like a "shame wall" ) * a ban where i WONT EVER have to match up with them in the same team. Why ? Cuz they are fkin afkers. They dont deserve anything, no lp, no respect, no life. Especialy not me in their team. Fck %%%%%%s.

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