My awful smurf experience so far.

I decided to test something out. I reached my skill cap for ranked on my main and decided there was no point playing ranked in case I lose my place before end of season. I decided to create a smurf and act like a completely bewildered new player that had no idea how to play. I do not over exaggerate when I say this - EVERY single game I played, every single one, I got reported and raged at for being a ''f*cking retarded noob that needs to uninstall the game''. Every game I played, not a single game had a new player, every game was 10 smurfs with 1 smurf pretending to be new (me). All 9 smurfs were acting like it was ranked or something, spamming chat with ''report noob for feeding'' or ''report noob for troll build''. I was always asking my team what certain things meant, and 90% of the team I got abuse, 10% I got genuine help. Jinx - ''Lets do drake!!'' Me - ''What is drake?'' Jinx - ''The dragon, look for me on map and come to me, I'll show you, help me kill it.'' Voli - ''If you don't know what a f*cking drake is, uninstall the f*cking game you bronze scrub.'' Voli - ''I CALLED TOP!!!! TROLL GO BOT!!!'' Me - ''What do you mean? Why can't we both be top lane? I don't like bottom lane.'' Voli - ''1 TOP ONLY AND I F*CKING CALLED IT!!!! THAT'S THE RULE! GO BOT!!!!!'' Me - ''Every game I played there are always 2 top though? :S I don't understand what you mean.'' Voli - ALL - ''REPORT THIS TROLL GAREN!! TAKING MY LANE!!!!'' (Enemy had 2 top that game too and he was determined on solo laning against them both) That is an average game for me. Toxic kids that can't climb out of bronze so they make smurfs in an attempt to get Gold in placements. I get reported nearly every game for being a ''troll''. I know Riot are not gonna STOP smurfs because its just not possible to catch them all but something needs to be done. If I was a legitimate new player, I would have uninstalled the game after 3 games because of the abuse I received for NOT being a smurf. It's blind pick, unranked, level 10 games and I'm being abused for not being good. Riot, do something about smurfs please AND do something about this report system. If that warning isn't proof of a broken system I don't know what is. Just reached level 11, only ever been nice and curious about the game in chat and never fed but I get a warning about my behaviour? Is this how you want new players to feel? - Download free popular game. - Play 5 games full of abuse and toxic kids. - Get banned for being toxic after doing nothing and not even reaching level 11 yet..... TL;DR Riot needs to do more to facilitate new players. Being thrown into a game full of toxic morons will persuade new players to delete the game before really giving it a try.
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