When u're calm all time with a good behavior and you suddenly blows up XD

Not here to complain, But I was tilted asf. I realized that the me who said that isn't me atm XD PS : I'm not here to complain . XD PS 2 : I wanted to share this to community. Not here to complain. ok ? ___ Game 1 Pre-Game Diävolo: can I adc or support ? Diävolo: yo ? Diävolo: yea Diävolo: why leona ? Diävolo: lol In-Game Diävolo: Trundle Diävolo: wanna try something ? Diävolo: What about we late invade ? Diävolo: its a high elo strategy Diävolo: we go at 1:28 Diävolo: we got blitz Diävolo: we just focus Ashe Diävolo: come Diävolo: 1:28 we go Diävolo: mb Diävolo: sorry Diävolo: didn't work Diävolo: but he's low Diävolo: Its just idiot Diävolo: its just dumb Diävolo: this game is dumb Diävolo: better champs wins Diävolo: always Diävolo: This shit never got nerfed Diävolo: NEVER Diävolo: Broken for more than 4 years Diävolo: better champs wins Diävolo: ARE U KIDDING ME ? Diävolo: GO %%%% UR SELF U'RE A YASUO SHIT Diävolo: STFU Diävolo: IM AGAINST 2 BROKEN CHAMPS Diävolo: AND THIS %%%%ING BLITZ IS LAGGING Diävolo: DONT TILT ME Diävolo: %%%%I%%%%ASUO Diävolo: TARD Diävolo: ALL I NEED IS U TALKING SHIT NOW Diävolo: bette champs wins Diävolo: Leona is broken %%%%olo: and ashe is more than broken Diävolo: I'm gonna feed orian%%%%Diävolo: idc anymore Diävolo: this game works on better champs wins Diävolo: so %%%% it Diävolo: stfu u %%%%er Diävolo: useless team just talks Diävolo: %%%% my team <3 Diävolo: and %%%% u too btw Diävolo: nah Diävolo: Riot %%%%ed it Diävolo: the game was decided when ur picked leona Diävolo: so if this game work%%%%ke that I don't care Diäv%%%% EVERY Diävolo: %%%%ING Diävolo: gAME Diävolo: SHE Di%%%%o: CARRY Diävolo: Infinity stun!s%%%%ävolo: for years and years Diävolo: ashe is more %%%%Diävolo: its a smurf so idc tbh Diävolo: because I hate %%%%ing meta champs Diävolo: and meta slaves Diävolo: like nightblue and u Diävolo: I just don't carre %%%%olo: care* Diävolo: trundle getting dragon btw Diävolo: lEoNa iSnT eVeN mEtA Diävolo: Why the %%%% she can stun for 8 mins ? Diävolo: hah ? Diävolo: lvl 1 stunned me twice Diävolo: ashe just W me Diävolo: you %%%%ing kiddi%%%%e ? Diävolo: telling me that she isn't broken ? Diävolo: you're %%%%ing with me ? Diävolo: jhin is ur parents Diävolo: I got a lagging blitz Diävolo: %%% Diävolo: I'mma %%%%ing perma ban leona Diävolo: nah u ain't ffing Diävolo: PS : wh%%%% started feeding I fed Leona :) not ashe and leona Diävolo: fed orianna* Diävolo: so ? Diävolo: yasuo got %%%%ed by orianna Diävolo%%%%ona* Diävolo: not orianna Diävolo: this ashe is literally so bad to R a %%%%ing feeder Diävolo: %%%% better champs wins Diävolo: nah Diävolo: I'll perma ban leona Diävolo: don't blame blitz :)à Di%%%lo: he's laging Diävolo: k%%%%how to blame u %%%%ing idiot Diävolo: yeah, u ain't leaving Diävolo: Ashe players don't deserve to live tbh Diävolo: "reprt everyone except yasuo" Diävolo: Nah I don't play idiot champs homie :)) Diävolo%%%%didn't say my team is bad lol Diävolo: literally 0/4 while tryharding Diävolo: 3 R for a feeder lol Diävolo: HAH%%%% Diävolo: more 4 mins Diävolo: dude I said I'm smurfing Diävolo: Nah, Diävolo: I was playing in my other account %%%%ing ranked Diävolo: I lost 4 games because of idiot botlane Diävolo: I came here Diävolo: trolling Di%%%%o: and flamming to feel better Diävolo: seeing u suffer like me Diävolo: ^^ Diävolo: nah, I'm always calm Diävolo: but here Diävolo: I just released everything Diävolo: I named that account Diavolo, which means "the demon" in italian. Just because its an inting acc lol Diävolo: do you really know how many game I inted and flammed in that account ? Diävolo: and I'm getting fragment keys everygame Diävolo: everyday* Diävolo: so tbh put ur report in ur ass Diävolo: gl next game Diävolo: we can actually win Di%%%%o: ur team is so bad Diävolo: talking to riven Diävolo: and yi Diävolo: that 800 true dmg ult* Diävolo: :o Diävolo: tHoUgHt bLiTz gOiNg iN Diävolo: this voli literally flammed more than me Diävolo: ggwp Diävolo: gl Post-Game Diävolo: yeah inv me
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