Today I quit League of Legends after nearly 4 years of play

Today I quit League of Legends after nearly 4 years of play. I've become intolerant of the gameplay in a typical match, usually feeling far worse after playing despite the energy, focus and time that I put into it. My mood shifts from excellent to less than average after the experience. What used to be a fun outlet for me to get my mind off of my work has become a toxic contagion. Take for instance my last match (perhaps ever) on LoL. I was playing Ashe on bot lane and doing very well, defeating my opponent adc narrowly after a competitive exchange. But on top lane there was a Nasus who had already decided for himself that the match was over because their team composition was better than ours (BEFORE THE MATCH EVEN BEGAN). On mid lane we had an Akali that was extremely frustrated with Nasus's attitude and flamed him for it. That Akali ended the game 1/7. Nasus told everyone to fuck off, fuck you, go die, go kill yourselves, etc. He wandered down to bottom lane to steal Gromp and then cussed out our jungler for farming top. Then there was a 4 man gank on bottom lane that resulted in no kills for our team and 3 dead. I lived, but now I have to deal with an entire team in verbal flames, a fed vayne and 20 minutes of play before I can get out of hell. Nasus began intentionally feeding and afk farming. Akali continued to play as if she was 20/0 and could kill anyone. My jungler flamed everyone. I ended the game 1/4 after dying in team fights that I couldn't influence. And yet, this is typical. This is an average game on LoL these days. I main jungle, probably the most flamed role there is. In the last 6 months I've started games by muting my entire team. No offense. But the point I'm making is, when I win in a game of LoL, I don't feel that much better for it. People still flame and I still get blamed for things that are out of my control simply because I am the jungler (I'm oom and half health after a teamfight and have to go back to base while the enemy takes a well-deserved dragon, but they get the dragon and that's MY fault). But when I LOSE a game, it's possibly the worst way possible I could have spent the last 20-45 minutes of my life. What's more? I usually end with a negative KDA not because I'm a bad player, but because there's simply nothing else to do but do what I can for the team that hates me. Like my Hecarim game earlier today. I'm not a negative player. I don't flame people or cuss them out except in very rare cases of retaliation. Factually, I spend most of my time mediating temper tantrums. So I quit League of Legends today and I'd like to know what Riot's going to do about it. Sincerely, Salocin Aazujrac {{champion:120}} I'll miss you, Hecarim. I played hundreds of games with you, and I'll never forget them.
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