If u can check my texts and express your opinion if its worth trying to get my account unbanned

Game 1 Pre-Game OutplaYasuo: oooohh im gonna fart OutplaYasuo: omg OutplaYasuo: I sharted OutplaYasuo: ure 13 dude OutplaYasuo: dont flex ur little brain In-Game OutplaYasuo: omg it smells OutplaYasuo: not much OutplaYasuo: he was free kill OutplaYasuo: nice cs dude OutplaYasuo: ty for completly ignoring midlane OutplaYasuo: kindred %%%%ing 6 times mid alreadey OutplaYasuo: afk jng OutplaYasuo: nice OutplaYasuo: u guys OutplaYasuo: all suck OutplaYasuo: seju 0 ganks mid OutplaYasuo: what 4 5 OutplaYasuo: ure 0 1 OutplaYasuo: and i have OutplaYasuo: %%%%ing 4 mid OutplaYasuo: to shut me down OutplaYasuo: i can kill OutplaYasuo: ryze OutplaYasuo: the second i come top OutplaYasuo: 1v2 lane? OutplaYasuo: this mf OutplaYasuo: flaming OutplaYasuo: her support OutplaYasuo: why are u laughing OutplaYasuo: u just could have gotten a %%%%ing pentakill mf OutplaYasuo: ty for help OutplaYasuo: just OutplaYasuo: fight with me gnar OutplaYasuo: dont question OutplaYasuo: we %%%%ing 8 22 if u dont fight we just lose OutplaYasuo: im %%%%ing grandmasters OutplaYasuo: %%%%ing 1v2 mid OutplaYasuo: with this kindred camping me OutplaYasuo: if u dont %%%%ing engage im afk OutplaYasuo: im in provisional OutplaYasuo: dont talk mf OutplaYasuo: idgaf if u dont believe me OutplaYasuo: how can u call this ranked OutplaYasuo: it is OutplaYasuo: play for 5 mins and i will get into it OutplaYasuo: bcs im %%%%ing trolling at this point OutplaYasuo: ye report me OutplaYasuo: for what OutplaYasuo: gnar said i was trolling whole game OutplaYasuo: literally 1v2 midlane Post-Game OutplaYasuo: 3 games in a row OutplaYasuo: like this OutplaYasuo: seju OutplaYasuo: u were OutplaYasuo: %%%%ing 0 2 2 OutplaYasuo: in 16 minutes OutplaYasuo: why are u all so delusional OutplaYasuo: if i had to play OutplaYasuo: league with u all OutplaYasuo: for a year OutplaYasuo: i would rather OutplaYasuo: kill myself OutplaYasuo: legit OutplaYasuo: i would %%%%ing commit suicide OutplaYasuo: if i had to play with u OutplaYasuo: u were trolling for 15 minutes mf OutplaYasuo: and then u ask why flame OutplaYasuo: when im not even flaming OutplaYasuo: ure 3 13 OutplaYasuo: i got placed OutplaYasuo: silver 3 OutplaYasuo: cuz the likes of u OutplaYasuo: i dont want to see u OutplaYasuo: ever again OutplaYasuo: ure 13 dude OutplaYasuo: u have no common sense OutplaYasuo: thats OutplaYasuo: sad OutplaYasuo: thats so sad OutplaYasuo: go play normals OutplaYasuo: for fun OutplaYasuo: that wraps it up _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Game 2 Pre-Game OutplaYasuo: i got only toplaners OutplaYasuo: https://soundcloud.com/leanwaste/trap-beat-120 In-Game OutplaYasuo: dont buy wards OutplaYasuo: free elo OutplaYasuo: wtf OutplaYasuo: leona wards all the time guys OutplaYasuo: she just warded our base OutplaYasuo: omg OutplaYasuo: no OutplaYasuo: we win OutplaYasuo: anywy OutplaYasuo: no OutplaYasuo: just dont die ryze OutplaYasuo: no ignite OutplaYasuo: ty for goin in %%%%ing early leona OutplaYasuo: gj cait OutplaYasuo: take my red OutplaYasuo: 3 6 OutplaYasuo: 88 cs OutplaYasuo: why the %%%% OutplaYasuo: would u take my red OutplaYasuo: and then farm OutplaYasuo: for 2 minutes OutplaYasuo: dont tell me what to do OutplaYasuo: int more team OutplaYasuo: gj leona OutplaYasuo: ryze now u go int OutplaYasuo: i said int more OutplaYasuo: thats toxic lol OutplaYasuo: what rank are u guys? OutplaYasuo: ? OutplaYasuo: this match OutplaYasuo: cant be considered OutplaYasuo: a ranked match OutplaYasuo: i just need to know what elo this is OutplaYasuo: u see OutplaYasuo: i cant even carry u OutplaYasuo: bcs u overfed jhin OutplaYasuo: it doesnt matter dude OutplaYasuo: we got crit garen OutplaYasuo: afk ryze OutplaYasuo: and inting botlane OutplaYasuo: sure OutplaYasuo: what can u do in a teamfight garen? OutplaYasuo: does it matter? OutplaYasuo: report yi OutplaYasuo: nice OutplaYasuo: ye report yi for trying to carry OutplaYasuo: and not treating this as a normal game Post-Game OutplaYasuo: how am i toxic lol OutplaYasuo: u all got mad OutplaYasuo: for some reason OutplaYasuo: how OutplaYasuo: if u got a claim u need arguments OutplaYasuo: this ryze was afk has n word as a club name and flamed in all chat OutplaYasuo: and im toxic lol OutplaYasuo: qoute me OutplaYasuo: qoute how I was toxic
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