The NEW! way to INCREASE your chances of WINNING!

**YES** ladies and gentlemen, you read that one right, the _new_ way to increase your chances of winning.You can obtain this by just **NOT FLAMING**! -_Gee_ Pa, **not flaming**? -Yeah Jimmy, you just need to stop flaming, and you can win matches easier than ever before! Ladies and gentlemen, not flaming and thus obtaining this _new_ way of winning more matches comes at an **INCREDIBLY** low cost of just: _Trying!_ Yep, that's right!All you have to do is try to not flame. This saves you time from typing nonsense, keeps yourself calm, and most importantly lets the other 4 people on your team concentrate! -Wow!Pa, that's diddly doodly fab! -You see Jimmy, people appreciate a calm and patient individual, it also makes them happier. Get your _new_ way of increased chances of winning, **NOW**! _This commercial is sponsored by Samsung._
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