Why are League players like this?

I was Nidalee and I called mid first but within the Lobby Azir started arguing that he called it first when he clearly didn't, he was underneath me and other people that called their lanes before him, no one said anything. When the game started both Azir and Aurelion Sol went mid. Vayne went afk so I thought great we will be able to remake. Next thing you know Darius asks the enemy Warwick if he would like Darius to feed him to which he replies "sure bro". He doesn't actually go feeding him. Finally when the game hits the 3 minute mark I write /remake and the voting appears, Darius tells others "dont", they all vote no and I'm stuck with people who couldn't care less about playing in a team in a friendly manner. https://i.imgur.com/OguBNxw.jpg Both Aurelion Sol and Azir started trash talking about me and about my family, asking me if I come from a "dysfunctioning family", saying "Ill take a beating for him from his dad", then Darius joined in and said something along the lines of "Nidalee has family problems", and again another comment saying "I'll take a punch from his dad" from Aurelion Sol. I then figured that Aurelion Sol and Azir must be premades so I go over to Professor.gg and guess what, they were. https://i.imgur.com/rEnX2rj.jpg This game is so messed up, in my last match I was 12/6 by the end of it and we lost it because everyone else was trolling. In this match the enemy team was trolling and Darius was able to go 32/6 even though Vayne was afk and I was walking around the map not wanting to play because of all three of them. We won and I got an AFK message in spite of the end Lobby not showing Leavers and instead saying Victory. I reported all three of them at the end, not really worried about Vayne as thanks to him I at least had the possibility of a remake but I am yet to get an Instant Report Feedback message from Riot, I think I will be waiting until the day I die though. GGWP, I'm loving it, what a wonderful community you have here.
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