Will anything happen to this player?

I know there is no naming and shaming so I won't but it's just the first two letters of a swear word 5 times each. He ended 5 of his last 11 games with no items. In my game he gave up after losing two turrets and starting tryna ff, when people didn't he threatened feeding time, sold all his items and sat in a bush. The other players ff'd before he could feed in that match, but checking his history, previous game he fed, he ended 0/15/0 with no items. I reported him since it's so blatant. But what are the odds he gets any punishment at all? I'm pretty new so I don't really get how this stuff is so rampant, I'd have thought he'd be auto banned for being so obvious about it but it's not a new account and the history is there.
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