At this point I'm just muting all

So to start out with, I've played this game since season 3, back when Zac was first released. I had a hiatus, starting at the end of last season and I just started playing again a couple of weeks ago. I don't know what happened. Everyone is toxic beyond belief. Not just in every other game, or one person per game, no. The majority of players I encounter are toxic. I'm not even joking at this point. I've played this game through some of the worst possible periods, even back when dynamic queue was a thing, but man. This is just insane. What happened? This is the worst I've seen in league since I started playing. People will start flaming a lane 3 minutes into the game when they die once, people will flame the jungler for not ganking when they are losing lane, then complain when they both die to a 6/0 Mordekaiser? Not to mention the people that will flame all game, then say "report xxx" in allchat, even though they have done nothing wrong but not gank/lost lane? I have so many more, and I bet you have some too, but why? What happened? Why has the community become so toxic in just half a year? This game used to be toxic, I know, but something changed for the worse. Would love to know why or if you have similar experiences? Or maybe I've just been unlucky.
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