Super scared of Getting banned, help me!?

So I just heard of This Nightblue thing from a Reddit post, where Riot seemly ban "off-meta" picks, and this post used Nunu support as a Prime example of why "off-meta" picks should be banned. Now I AM A NUNU SUPPORT MAIN! Am I gonna get banned now? Or what's going on? I love playing Nunu support, invade enemy jungle and kill dragons by myself. Nunu is one of my most play supports, just after Pyke and Zilean. I'm legit scared from top to toe, on losing my account I been spending 7 years on playing. I made a ticket to Support to please not banning me just cause I play Nunu support. But what the hell am I meant to do, if they say I'm not allowed to do it? I suck at jungle, so I play him support and he's a fun champion at that and has lots of advantages that other supports doesn't. I would love to in some way get protection from getting banned if Riot says it's fine, but what if Riot don't say it's fine? Am I just gonna accept there's no way around it? Am I gonna get banned for something I feel is working for me? And what if I had to switch champion who play similar to Nunu Support but I really suck at him/her and don't like the champion's design? Am I just gonna accept that I will never be able to climb? Overall the moment I saw this post and all this "Nightblue" stuff over reddit, I got super scared, specially from hearing someone who play Nunu support ACTUALLY GOT BANNED?! Edit: Note that this has nothing to do with Nightblue's reddit post. This is about a Post about a guy who got banned for play Nunu Support, while it did starts with the Nightblue thingie 2 months ago, someone who played Nunu support as one-trick got banned due to having 50+% reports on them.
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