the new meta of " i got autofilled ... so i troll "

hello everyone i recently Q up with many players who got autofilled and before they even ban a champ they start the famous words : i cant play support i got autofilled , i never played support , i will not support , give me top and i carry you . these unsportmanlike behavior is unfortunately growing bigger and its time to set some rules . first of all i was playing since Mid S6 and my main role is jungle and i seriously autofill support once every 6 games and i actually like it support never has been a bad or boring role well especially when u play support :Brand ,fiddlesticks , janna , sona and make everyone farm under tower thats a luxury u dont find in top or mid or u can even make ur games more fun if u try new pro strategies like phase rush and mobi boots brand push lane than roam and gank mid and back in no time and congrat u are a support who carry the game u just carried 2 lanes . i played that one in plat elo flex and g2 solo Q btw ( just to avoid these noobs logic conversations) .anyway, every player should main a role + support . thas not an option u dont main mid/top u do main mid/top/support , its an obligation to any player to learn 3 supports champ in case 1 banned 1 taken . and yes you are not a support main if u mechanically can handle 3 support champs. its not ur right to ruin botlane and teamfight cauz u didnt played support before u can go to practice tool place some dummy or coop vs AI and learn . i would like to suggest in in the next coming patchs Riot add some plugins or addon that can detect these behaviors during game for exemple if a player autofilled support and than he spend 80% of time everywhere except botlane he is trolling or if he dont buy support items and farm more than his adc he is trolling. these players shoold at least get an extra timer before game start as a punishement
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