PERMA BAN For no Reason at all!

I got PERMA BANNED for Really no reason ! i was just getting 5 wins in a row ...and then something happend YOUR ACCOUNT HAS BEEN BANNED..{{summoner:3}} i checked was for 3rd party programs...{{champion:32}} well after that i checked my PC for 3rd party programs and i found Nothing...{{champion:117}} What excaclty did u find there Riot Friends??? {{champion:245}} Just to mention that i had some pop ups when i has trying to get into Qeuee{{champion:32}} but i didnt give attention cause i thought it was some kind of bug...{{champion:32}} {{summoner:3}} I Stopped Using Mk Jogo excact the same time i saw the email u sent me .... well no problem it was only for self skins ...timers and all other thing dont really care cause the game has it in already...{{champion:51}} BUT REALLY NOW...I SWEAR THAT I DONT USE 3RD PARTY PROGRAMS....{{champion:32}} COULD IT BE A VIRUS? {{summoner:3}} {{champion:32}}
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