Justifiable ban?

Game 1 TheNotoriousOSRS: morgana support? nice TheNotoriousOSRS: i didnt know who the support was until this moment, didn't know team comp either was a the toilet TheNotoriousOSRS: for dying once? TheNotoriousOSRS: lagged on my e TheNotoriousOSRS: pls TheNotoriousOSRS: he only gets me if i dont e on his stun TheNotoriousOSRS: yes i am TheNotoriousOSRS: i will TheNotoriousOSRS: dont me wid TheNotoriousOSRS: come on man TheNotoriousOSRS: come on man TheNotoriousOSRS: with no mana how TheNotoriousOSRS: ww was bot side TheNotoriousOSRS: morganas been feeding them i cant do anything TheNotoriousOSRS: im only down cs because shes taking some TheNotoriousOSRS: idk what you want me to do with that player TheNotoriousOSRS: im not doing that bad TheNotoriousOSRS: idk why you played this game in the first place TheNotoriousOSRS: if you were just going to afk the second you died once TheNotoriousOSRS: idc TheNotoriousOSRS: you're toxic is hel TheNotoriousOSRS: id be stronger if morg wasn't feeding and taking farm TheNotoriousOSRS: and you're too autistic to play games TheNotoriousOSRS: yes you are we get it TheNotoriousOSRS: 5 deaths talking TheNotoriousOSRS: your stealing mid jungle and bot farm wondering why we are weak individually TheNotoriousOSRS: what are you? TheNotoriousOSRS: yes TheNotoriousOSRS: its simple gold distribution TheNotoriousOSRS: sorry that you're bad TheNotoriousOSRS: irrelevant mr straw man arguments TheNotoriousOSRS: ok straw man TheNotoriousOSRS: shes made of straw, man TheNotoriousOSRS: you're only playing to rage, so we dont care realy TheNotoriousOSRS: we get it morg, you're autistic TheNotoriousOSRS: cya later TheNotoriousOSRS: bye TheNotoriousOSRS: thinks we will get less kills 4v5 TheNotoriousOSRS: no way TheNotoriousOSRS: we d otn car TheNotoriousOSRS: trynda that happens too often TheNotoriousOSRS: you have utli and dont use it TheNotoriousOSRS: i feel ive done not bad but morgana feed, flame nad csing has done me in gold wise TheNotoriousOSRS: ryze is never with team TheNotoriousOSRS: not really TheNotoriousOSRS: mostly jax with 2v1 I was permanently banned for this chat log after being pared by a toxic player who I for a change honestly did my best to work with. The only thing I could see that would warrant a ban is the reference to autism. I personally have aspergers and the guy was showing a lot of traits I have myself and being autistic, don't personally see it as an insult. Normally my behaviour would probably warrant a ban and of course that's why my account got to the perma ban stage but for a change I don't actually feel like it's warranted. Let me know what you think. Cheers
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