Riot please, do something with champ select

I started playing draft pick recently, because I want to practice all roles, and I like pick/ban phase. I main mid, but I will fill when I'm last pick, or even give away mid when someone ask politely. But I hate, I absolutely hate people, who come to draft pick to play one role only. I just got insulted for fkn noob and told that I should kill myself because I first picked Karthus, when he was screaming mid like crazy. And I would live with that, if that would be just one time. Someone dodged, I got into next queue. I'm third pick, I'm picking jungle. But guess what? 4th and 5th pick didn't want to go bot, so they picked mid and top without saying a word, even though we already had them... So basically this happened three times IN A ROW. And they get no punish, because almost always someone will dodge, and eventually they will have get they role this way. Is that a way is that suppose to be? I try to be nice and positive, and I'm getting trolled all the time. So please Riot, just figure out the way how to deal with people like this in champ select. And no, playing Team Builder is not an answer for me. I don't like mirror matchups, and I like pick/ban phase.
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