Hey guys , first of all sorry if you cant fully understand me my English is not really that great , so 2 moths ago I remembered my password for a gold account that I haven't played it from a long time , and since I saw many people on boards being perma banned *unfairly* I decided to make an experiment to see how much toxic I have to be to get perma banned on this account , so I played a game and I was super toxic saying K y... word and other homophobic words , I got 14 days ban after those 14 days I decided to be toxic again and to see if I will get perma ban , I was super toxic and I got another 14 days ban , after that I decided to not only be toxic but to feed , and another 14 days ban after that again … so right now im on my 4th 14 days ban and in 10 days I will see if I can get the perma ban lol. it's just stupid how much im trying to get perma ban and I cant but some people saying that they are getting it from 1 word... etc >.>
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