Rank reporting system

Hi, In my opinion toxic people are bad for the community. So true they need ot get reported. But why are these toxic people always toxic? In a lot of cases I saw people getting toxic after getting teamed with trolls/ feeders/ people who refuse to communicate. If you want to "troll" try for example soraka in the jungle, then go normals. Do not destroy the ranking experience for people willing to improve. So why dont we get some kind of kick system, or loss forgiven system. And why is there not a report buttom yet for trolling. We got going afk and verbal abuse, giving up and neg attitude. But not for the most importand thing that destroys the game in lower elo. The trolls, the ones who actually goes in game because he gave up in advance. If you troll soraka jugnle and you go 0/5/45, noone will ever say you realy trolled. But when you go 0/10/10. You actually destroyed the game, you were of no value. Even if you did not feed on purpose. For such games we got normals. In my opinion RIOT should realy start to pay attention on why toxic people are toxic instead of just punishing them. Mute buttoms are easy to use. But that soraka jugnle will prob still destroy your game. Even when muted. PS : Soraka jungle is just an example. So no hard feelings on that please Kind regards. Hope that you finally do something now cause personal chats don't do anything. All you do is saying it is perfect now. BUT IT IS NOT!
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