questions and suggestions about honor

ok so first is it more likely that a person with no honor will get banned oftenly comparing to person with more honor? also i was banned for flamming a friend ingame for 14 days and after that honor was unlocked for me and then i unlocked the honor and stuff- i have a 2nd account RedAce008 which is honor lvl 3 - what i want to say is i dont usualy flamm anyone and infact i encounter great ppl who i love playing with and even with superb friendly behaviour doing even more than i can or could in game its usually really hard to get honor from ppl you see- some will get offended cuz you took their blue some will get offended cuz you didnt got their intime to save them which i cant really help cuz my champions dont have rockets inplace of their boots and stuff- what i wanna talk about is plz make honor easier to lvl up or atleast show us the progress of our honor{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
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