Riot baned my Account without me violating the Terms of Use

When i tried to log into my Account i saw a permanent ban message. Since i wasn't flaming and there was no reform card it wasn't due to toxic behaviour. So I decided to contact the support. They said it was baned due to "safety concerns" and that i would have to provide a different email in order to restore ownership of my Account. Since not doing anything wrong and not having good experiences with the Riot Support in the past (not caring when someone afk's or picks your role) I told them that I wouldn't do that since I did not do anything wrong. They then said that they can just ban my Account and refered me to the Terms of Use (section 2). When I ask them to Quote where exactly in the Terms of Use it says that they can do it they were not able to give a proper response and just closed my Ticket after some time without even answering to me.
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